The Riddle of the Sphinx

3D Artist Catelloo invites us to meditate on his #ConceptDo creative process when making his most recent animation ‘Donate’.

When ConceptD approached me to create a 3D looping animation with the #ConceptD3Ezel I immediately began to try and think of some ideas for my piece.

For inspiration, I like to lay in bed and listen to music and see what comes to mind. This is exactly what I did this time. I found myself listening to Brian Eno’s ‘Music Space’, and pretty quickly images began to form in my mind as to what I could do.

The music conjured images of a disconnected head peering out of some desert ruins, in a mysterious yet meditative way. I often work with this type of imagery; in fact you could say it is my trademark; I like to work around the human body in my pieces and in many cases they are disconnected from the whole body. Instead, they are placed at the center of a composition to emit emotions and feelings.

This is exactly what I attempted to execute in ‘Donate’, my final #ConceptDo piece. I think it is important to work in a style you like — that you keep experimenting as much as you can in a medium that you love working in. This way you guarantee the best results.

What I ended up creating was a looping 3D animation focusing on a mysterious head turning to face us over the peaks of some pyramids. It evoked for me a sphinxlike riddle, prompting the viewer to go on a search for something, some kind of answer to a silent question.

Of course, this is metaphorical, and what I really want the audience to do is go on an exploration through themselves. To hit this home, I attempted to give the piece a warm, meditative feeling through the lighting, music, coloring, and pacing to induce a dreamlike sense of mindfulness.

In order to create all of this, my creative process required a lot of work with powerful software. As is often the case with 3D animations, #C4D and Octane Render were my most important tools, helping me create the smooth motions, drifting sensations, and sumptuous shapes of the piece.

A separate challenge was getting the balance of the piece correct. I was going for a very specific style, so it was important to get everything just right — conveying my theme while keeping the overall composition clean and relaxing to look at. I found the #Adobe Suite, most notably #Premiere and #Audacity were useful in nailing this; helping me coddle each aspect of the composition until I got it just right.

I hope my final piece, ‘Donate’, can have a calming, soothing, meditative effect on those who see it. The title is there to remind people to donate themselves to time to think about themselves, and be more mindful. After all, time is the most precious gift you can give to yourself.

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