See How the Donut is Made

Step on to the factory floor of Noah Camp’s “Donut Depot” and see how he assembled his delicious #ConceptDo design.

When approached by #ConceptD to create a piece on the #ConceptD7, I used it as an opportunity to experiment and stretch my creative muscles.

In order to get to my final #ConceptDo design I went through my usual process. I am inspired by everyday life, from the smallest moments to the big events. I will also draw upon numerous courses and tutorials I have learned from over the years. Naturally then, I sat back and observed the world around me to get inspiration and then set about trying to execute it all.

True to my overall style, I wanted to create a word which I would like to walk into. I decided to go for a donut factory production line; I thought it would be nice to show how something simple yet seemingly trivial is made, with pastel colors to give it all a Wonka-esque whimsical quality. I wanted to make something as playful, fun, and bright as the product. Indeed, this is a donut factory I would like to visit.

I feel I achieved this with my finished design, “Donut Depot”. By using cloners and spline path animations to master the actions of each movement, giving the transitions a carefree, smooth conveyor ride. I am extremely satisfied with the results and how I was able to balance my whimsical style and the contemporary design of the product into a streamlined animation.

Trying new things is always a challenge, but I always try to push myself with each new piece. It’s the best way to grow as an artist. In this case, I tried a couple of new little things — and in order to get them right my creative process had to depend on heavy use of Cinema 4D and Redshift. This software was essential in modeling the different elements and getting the motion of the conveyor belt just right. In addition to this, Adobe AfterEffects was used to composite it all.

In the end, I want people to feel happy and hungry when they see my “Donut Depot”. I feel people can read whatever they like into my piece — this idea of a ‘creative production line’ which churns out snackable content will hopefully serve as great food for thought to creatives.

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