Keep Your Eye on the Ball: 3D Artist Ruye shows the inspiration behind their ConceptDo piece ‘Delightful’

When ConceptD contacted me to be the next artist to take on their #ConceptDo D-Doodle challenge, I was sure of what I wanted to create.

Ruye x ConceptD

For a long time now, I have wanted to make a sort of visual representation of the ASMR movement using digital tools and 3D software — so this was the avenue I decided to take my D-doodle down.

Usually, I get my inspiration for creativity from Instagram or Twitter for things related to design. I have also, in the past, found a lot of inspiration from other things, like video games or movies. For this piece though the inspiration was clear — ASMR content has proliferated recently, perhaps due to people’s need to relax during these trying times, so I was not short on source material to work with.

Once I knew the idea which I wanted to create, it became a case of finding the right way to express it. As it turns out, I decided to stick to my usual style, and create a piece which would fit nicely into my portfolio. I think this can be used as a rule of thumb for creatives looking to create with a trademark style; stay close to the things that you enjoy the most to create. It makes no sense to force yourself to do something if you are not enjoying the process.

With this in mind then, I wanted to create something that has my usual playfulness and bright color palette, with really nice 3D textures. What transpired was a trio of 3D balls rotating and tumbling around a bristly ‘D’ shape, all set within a pastel color pallet.

To achieve this, the software I most depended on was HoudiniFX, which I supplemented with some Cinema4D. To break it down, I modeled, animated and completed all the simulations with Houdini. Then I used Cinema4D for the rendering.

Ruye x ConceptD

The greatest challenge in all of this was the simulation of the three balls and making them move in an infinite loop. As I wanted it to be like a visual ASMR, it was paramount to make the balls move in a smooth, hypnotic fashion, with emphasis placed on their colors and textures, and so a lot of time was spent in getting that right.

Ultimately though I am pleased with the outcome. As visual ASMR, I hope ‘Delightful’ to bring a sense of relaxation to whoever sees it!

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