Division for Dummies

The Formula Behind George Stoyanov’s #ConceptDo Piece ‘Divide’

This was not my first time creating a D-Doodle for ConceptD’s ongoing #ConceptDo feature, in which they invite a 3D artist to render something related to the letter D, so I knew roughly where I wanted to take my project this time as soon as I was approached to work on the ConceptD 7 Laptop.

George Stoyanov x ConceptD

My first piece, ‘Dare’, played with abstract shapes, smooth transitions, and playful flourishes, all dressed up in a pastel color palette. I wanted to carry all of these elements over to my most recent project ‘Divide’, yet take them in a slightly different direction.

For instance, whereas ‘Dare’ was more free-form, the ‘D’ structure I created in ‘Divide’ is much more precise; I wanted to create something which looked like a smoothly engineered pez-dispenser, a sort of mystery container which stores and gives out a mystical, magical, substance.

To do this, I predominantly used Cinema4D, as I needed a software in which I could model the segmentation of this dispenser with precision and accuracy, but which would also allow me to get the smooth, machine like motions which slip, slot, and slide like a precisely engineered mechanical container.

At first, I created static frames — something like a mini storyboard, where I could go through bit by bit and analyze how the different parts fit and interact with each other. Then I combined everything in motions, close-ups, shoots showing the details and the lighting.

George Stoyanov x ConceptD

The final touch was to give it the correct lighting environment. As mentioned, I love to work with abstract shapes and pastels, so I decided to accentuate this by giving a sort of Arctic Hue to the piece. The background has what could be an abstract sub-zero mountain range in there — perhaps hinting that my mystery container holds some sort of refreshing mint in a D-shaped box for ‘Date-night’; at the same time, the green northern light glow compliments the pastels, and gives everything the surreal, abstract feeling I was going for.

Ultimately, I was pleased for the opportunity to express myself in the way I like — I hope that audiences feel a sense of curiosity when they see my ‘Divide’ #ConceptDo, and seek answers to what the mystery container holds.

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