‘Divine’ Providence

Bernat Casasnovas Takes us Behind The Pulpit to Show How He Made his #ConceptDo Piece.

Bernat Casasnovas x ConceptD

This is the second time I have taken on a #ConceptDo project, so from the moment I was approached I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the project.

Like my first piece, which was titled ‘Device’, I wanted ‘Divine’ to focus on smooth, futuristic technologies in a clinical sci-fi mode. For both pieces, I took as inspiration ConceptD’s own back-catalogue of creator devices; its trademark black on white color schemes, the rounded corners, and smooth textures.

These product features provided characteristic outline of what I wanted to create in ‘Divine’, but as its title suggests I wanted to give the whole thing an air of reified mystery. You cannot tell by looking what the device does; it requires the viewer to guess, but its slow deliberate animated movements — which seem at once robotic and ritualistic — hopefully point to the idea
of this being a holy relic of the machine and information age.

In order to put all of this together, and to get the sliding components and flashing lights of my device just right, I used Cinema 4D and Octane Render. To begin, I had to model the hard surfaces to get the texture and shape of my dream device just right. Then it was a case of getting the shading and lighting just how I wanted them.

As mentioned, the goal of ‘Divinity’ was to impart a sense of the technologically sublime, so the shading and lighting had to be on point.
I decided to create the right holy type of atmosphere with a clean, clinical, off-white backdrop. I exalted this with a halo-style glow which rebounded and reflected off the device.

I also decided to give the device opulent little details to make it seem otherworldly — small golden colored fixtures which glow like a papal ring, a matte-wood effect finish on the prow of the D, sat like a bequiffed pompadour worthy of a King. These little bits and pieces set amongst the synthetic body of the device, mixing the natural with the man-made, the archaic with the modern, and the eternal with the ephemeral.

Bernat Casasnovas x ConceptD

This was then all composited in AfterEffects, where some finishing touches were added and the whole thing was rounded off.

I hope to impart a sense of wonder to the viewer, both as they try to figure out what my mystical ‘D’ device is for, and in a more metaphorical sense, as they piece together the ultra-modern device and link it to more naturally ‘Divine’ iconography.

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