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3 min readSep 23, 2020


How our Award-winning Eco-Packaging marks the next phase in our Green Initiatives

At ConceptD, we understand that the natural world is a source of unlimited inspiration for all types of creators, from architects and artists, to coders and designers.

It therefore must be protected at all costs. Acer and ConceptD’s commitment to doing is longstanding. This has seen us work hard in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, acting as key-movers in UN based eco initiatives, and being beholden to the Responsible Business Alliance (RBI), the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI), and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

This has so far yielded excellent results and initiatives, with much being done to create responsible supply chains, both socially and environmentally. 2019 saw us hit many of our goals, such as installing water usage tracking mechanism and an investigation into water waste, and over 93% of our global waste is collected ecologically.

However, we also know there remains much more to be done, and our future goals, such as to reduce our carbon emissions as a company from the 2009 start level by 60% by the end of 2020 and 80% by 2050 remain on the horizon.

To make these targets a reality, and to reflect our audiences concerns about green issues, we decided to create Eco-Packaging for all ConceptD laptops. This way, people can not only hear about our commitment to the environment, but see, feel, and become a part of our mission to protect the environment.

We applied the principle of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to the way we produce, transport and market. ConceptD notebook packaging is now almost 100% virgin-plastic free and is 100% recyclable. Its box uses over 90% recycled cardboard and features simplistic artwork requiring minimal printing to convey the product’s form factor and ConceptD brand image. To further reduce the environmental impact of our new package design, we no longer put our cables in plastic bags or film.

Through our design, we achieved a balance between size and protection, allowing most of ConceptD’s notebook packaging components to be shared to reduce material waste. We removed all LDPE foam packing without sacrificing any of the box’s protective qualities.

It is a great source of pride to all at ConceptD that this initiative has been recognized in the form of a Red Dot Award for Packaging Design 2020. This encouragement has fortified our resolution that our industry must develop more greatly and purposefully in this direction, not only as lip-service or CRS, but as a demand from industry heads and consumers.

It has furthermore bolstered Acer and ConceptD’s pursuit of the key goals of its ‘Earth Project’ which seeks to create a Circular Production Model, which still sits as the ultimate aim of all our green initiatives and endeavors.

All this reflects ConceptD’s commitment to providing fresh approaches to overcoming obstacles, be they artistic, social, or environmental . It’s not merely about making things different, but about setting new benchmarks and breaking new ground for design, performance, accurate color reproduction and enabling a calm work environment.

Creativity works best when your mind is at ease — and so we hope that this sort of literal and figurative blue sky thinking will help creators realize their full potential, and go one step further towards our mission to let creators be creators.




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