Anna Kostiv — A New View of Kahlo

Artist Anna Kostiv talks us through how she found new perspectives on Frida Kahlo with the #ConceptD3Ezel in our most recent edition of the D-Doodle series.

As an artist and designer, I have always been influenced by the work and style of Frida Kahlo. As a result, I used my opportunity to create a #ConceptDo D-Doodle to pay a type of homage to her, and here I talk you through the steps to creation, and how this project fits with my overall style.

Normally, when presented with a project, my first port of call is Pinterest and Instagram, where I can look for portraits that inspire me with their lighting and color. One of my main sources of inspiration on Instagram are fashion models, whose faces often give me a number of ideas, which played into the portrait style which I eventually came out with.

For this particular project, I decided to paint Frida Kahlo. As mentioned, I consider her an amazing artist who had a huge impact on art. When I was at university, she was one of my favorites, and she has had a strong influence on my work, so I thought I would use the opportunity to turn the D-Doodle into a kind of personal Passion Project, which is an important move to try and make things which generally interest you.

The project itself, titled ‘Diego’, shows the artist as if from the view of her lover. Since I draw mostly portraits, this project goes well with my style. But it was also important that I left scope to diversify my style a little, by adding some objects to the portrait, such as flowers and leaves.

It is equally important to me though that my work is of a kind to fit with my already established style. I think it takes a lot of practice and experimentation to develop a recognizable style. For example, all that I am currently drawing is mainly educational work, in which I make drawings based on photo references. In my works I try to study the behavior of the light and color on skin and develop my rendering style. In the near future I am planning my projects to become more personal, create my own characters and I would like to add more imagination in it.

The finished product does exactly this. I mainly used Photoshop and AfterEffects to composite, create and shade the piece. The hardest part for me in this project was to create the video from my 2D image. I have never done this before, and I was able to create this work although I didn’t have enough experience with After Effects.

Ultimately, I hope what we are left with is a fresh, yet instantly recognizable look, at Frida Kahlo. I tried to convey the play of light and color, as well as the right mood. I really love experimenting with colors. Color is my passion, and I hope this rubs off on anyone who sees it.

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