Step on to the factory floor of Noah Camp’s “Donut Depot” and see how he assembled his delicious #ConceptDo design.

When approached by #ConceptD to create a piece on the #ConceptD7, I used it as an opportunity to experiment and stretch my creative muscles.

In order to get to my…

3D Artist Catelloo invites us to meditate on his #ConceptDo creative process when making his most recent animation ‘Donate’.

When ConceptD approached me to create a 3D looping animation with the #ConceptD3Ezel I immediately began to try and think of some ideas for my piece.

For inspiration, I like to…

Subframe Studio — the Visual Art and Motion Design collective discuss how they created their most recent ConceptDo piece ‘D-Compression’, with Creative Director Mikhail Sedov and Technical Director Vasily Filileev sharing how ‘dynamics solver’ was implemented to get their project just right:

Subframe x ConceptD

When we were approached to be the latest…

Thomas Arpadi Talks us Through the Thinking Behind His ConceptDo Piece.

When approached by ConceptD to create a #ConceptDo D-doodle, the first thing that came to my mind was the title for my piece.

I wanted to call it ‘Delicate’. This word immediately gave me ideas for creation. Not only…

The Formula Behind George Stoyanov’s #ConceptDo Piece ‘Divide’

This was not my first time creating a D-Doodle for ConceptD’s ongoing #ConceptDo feature, in which they invite a 3D artist to render something related to the letter D, so I knew roughly where I wanted to take my project this time…

For our most recent #ConceptDo video, titled ‘Dribble’, we wanted to explore fluidity — to create a piece where the flow and movement of liquid propels the narrative and provides a backdrop and theme to the action.

‘Dribble’ by Ars Thanea

To get to this point, we looked at our surroundings for inspiration. The…

Bernat Casasnovas Takes us Behind The Pulpit to Show How He Made his #ConceptDo Piece.

Bernat Casasnovas x ConceptD

This is the second time I have taken on a #ConceptDo project, so from the moment I was approached I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the project.

Like my first piece, which…

As soon as ConceptD contacted me to be the next creator in their #ConceptDo D-doodle series, I began looking for ideas as to what I would do.

Nicole Wu x ConceptD

The natural world and architecture are constant sources of inspiration to me. …

When ConceptD contacted me to be the next artist to take on their #ConceptDo D-Doodle challenge, I was sure of what I wanted to create.

Ruye x ConceptD

For a long time now, I have wanted to make a sort of visual representation of the ASMR movement using digital tools and 3D software…

A Merry Dance Through the Steps Behind Jeremy Booth’s ‘Detourné’ D-Doodle

ConceptD x Jeremy Booth

As the most recent artist to take on the ConceptD D-Doodle mantel, I decided I really wanted to do something special for my piece which would reflect the moveable feast offered by the ConceptD 3 Ezel laptop and its…


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